Neck ribbons for medals


Material :
Size : 25mm
Colour : variety
Engraving :
Options :

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KK1 red, kk2 blue, kk3 green, kk4 yellow, kk5 orange, kk6 green red, kk7 white red, kk8 white blue, kk9 white green, kk10 black white, kk11 white maron, kk12 blue red, kk13 green blue, kk14 yellow blue, kk15 yellow green, kk16 yellow black, kk17 white blue, kk18 yellow purple, kk19 grey blue, kk20 dark blue, kk21 blue white red, kk22 orange black, kk23 yellow red, kk24 black yellow red, kk25 black red, kk26 red white green, kk27 yellow light brown, kk28 yellow dark brown, kk29 dark blue light blue, kk30 green blue, kk31 white, kk32 navy blue light blue, kk33 yellow navy blue, kk34 orange blue, kk35 light blue maroon, kk36 black, kk37 purple, kk38 brown, kk39 black white red, kk40 white blue, kk41 yellow blue red, kk42 black green, kk43 black grey, kk44 white yellow blue, kk45 blue black, kk46 pink, kk47 white purple, kk48 pink purple, kk49 sky blue, kk50 aqua, kkG gold, kkS silver, kkB bronze


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